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Documentary Photographer and Photojournalist

There are many expressive ways of narrating history. My instinct as a photojournalist has always been to find the story that is at the heart of every project. I look to the deeply etched memories in the stones, structures and sites with the same passion that I look to the defining gesture and moment of truth that makes each portrait and documentary essay unique.

In August 2008 I traveled to the Ukraine for the first time, to visit Odessa, the birthplace of my father. My two-week visit became an exploration into the history of the once vast community of Eastern European Jews and the relics they had left behind. I could see hundreds of stones, jutting out of the hills in all directions, leaning this way and that like silent figures pushing out toward the sun. In the distance the worn grey, beige and brown graves appeared as stark monuments and reminders of the people who had lived their lives in these places, and died.

During 2005-2006, as part of an international team of media professionals for InSIGHT Out! a creative workshop and cultural exchange program, I taught digital photography and storytelling workshops to children affected by the 2004 Asian Tsunami in Banda Aceh, Indonesia and Phang Nga, Thailand.

In 1996 I traveled to Myanmar (Burma) to document human rights abuses under the ruling junta's military dictatorship, the spread of HIV/AIDS, and to meet with pro-democracy leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel peace laureate after she was released from prison (1989-1995).

In 1984 I went to the Philippines to photograph the economic, social and political conditions that contributed to the civil war during the Marcos dictatorship. I returned many times over twenty years, and produced photo-essays about the indigenous people of the Cordillera Mountains, as well as the farmers, sugar workers, peasants, and rebel soldiers on the islands of Luzon, Mindanao and Negros.