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Trix Rosen - Award-winning Architectural Preservation
Photography Specialist

Trix Rosen Photography Ltd, a certified woman-owned business, specializes in photographing architectural restoration and historic preservation projects for architects, architectural historians, conservators, archaeologists, consultants, developers and construction companies. Her team utilizes all formats of film and high-resolution digital cameras to produce HABS historic documentation for the Library of Congress, SHPO (State Historic Preservation Offices), the National Trust as well as ‘before and after photographs’ for editorial usage and company web sites.

Trix Rosen, President of Trix Rosen Photography Ltd, has completed assignments for the Smithsonian’s Carnegie Mansion/Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, Lincoln Center, many New York City Broadway Theaters, Admiral’s Row in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the Hudson River Trust Park, and the National Trust’s Oatlands Plantation in Leesburg, Virginia.

There are many expressive ways of narrating history. As a photojournalist, Trix Rosen looks to the architectural details, to the deeply etched memories in the stones, the walls, the structures and the sites for the story that is at the heart of every project.

“A Kalinga Journey Through Time” chronicles photographer Trix Rosen's work in the northern indigenous Cordillera region of the Philippines from 1986 to 2013. The book documents the transformation that the villages of the Kalinga people experienced - a change that within a quarter-century radically restructured this tribal landscape. It presents over 80 images in black and white and color of historic architecture, artifacts and portraits depicting daily life in traditional Igorot villages.


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