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Client: The Hudson River Park Trust. NYC
Project: The Hudson River Trust – Archival Documentation Hudson River Park, Phase 1-Segment 4; Christopher Street to 14th Street Bulkhead Repair and Platform Replacement
Agency: Li-Saltzman Architects, P.C., NYC Photographed more than (400) Medium-Format color and black and white images prior to construction, during construction, and post construction of the Hudson River Park. We worked closely with the Contractors, Engineers and Architects to identify and categorize all the elements needed for their documentation.
Hudson River Trust
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The Hudson River Trust
Hudson River Park, Phase 1- Segment 4
Christopher Street to 14th Street. New York City
Bulkhead Repair and Platform Replacement

From 2000 to 2003, on assignment from Li-Saltzman Architects, P.C. in New York City, Trix Rosen Photography shot construction areas prior to the start of work on the Hudson River Park to show existing conditions before the start of any demolition and removals or other on-site construction operations. We were given three days’ notice where feasible, and in emergency situations were available within 24 hours of request.

Included were each individual area of work, adjacent bulkheads, neighboring piers and structures, which might later be misconstrued as damage related to demolition/removal operations or other activities of the Contractor, and items indicated for salvage. The photographs were needed to show and accurately record as a future reference existing conditions at the property before starting the Work. Trix Rosen Photography did thirty to fifty (30-50) periodic construction photographs monthly or as the demolition progressed, and selected vantage points to best show the status of construction and the progress since the last photographs were taken. We also worked with the Construction Manager who helped direct vantage points or detail conditions to be shown. Fifteen (15) black and white and fifteen (15) color photographs after the date of the substantial completion were submitted as Project Record Documents.

We photographed the sites both from land and water, working with tide charts as necessary, and submitted to Li-Saltzman Architects, P.C. more than four hundred (400) medium-format color and black and white negatives and accompanying contact prints. Additional 35mm hi-resolution digital images were taken during the work to document historic features. During the project and upon completion, Trix Rosen Photography worked closely with the architects at Li- Saltzman to identify and categorize all the elements needed for their documentation. Two (2) 8 x 10 prints of each photographic view, compiled in sets, were submitted to the Trust along with a complete set of photographic negatives in protective envelopes.